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About Richard Poppino

I am a headshot and portrait photographer based in Portland, Oregon. My aim is to create honest and engaging images of people, photos that capture each subject’s unique presence and energy. I treat  photo sessions as enjoyable, concentrated collaborations between photographer and client. I strive to create an atmosphere that encourages clients to be themselves, while guiding them to appear their best. Once the photos have been captured, I deliver high quality renderings, whether digital files or prints, that serve and satisfy clients personally and professionally.

Photography has been an important part of my life since I was a teenager, in other words, for a long time. It has overlapped with other strong interests and professional activities of mine: music, theatre, the performing arts in general, and education. You may have noticed that several of the subjects in my galleries are holding instruments. Others are singers, actors, pianists, and conductors. For many years, that was the world I lived in. I was a singer myself, as well as a voice teacher, stage director, and arts administrator. I have taught at Lewis and Clark College, Southern Methodist University, Oregon State University, and Portland State University. It was those jobs that led me from being an enthusiastic but sporadic photographer to being one with, shall we say, more focus. Besides documenting and creating publicity for countless stage and musical performances, I got drawn more and more into studio photography, initially for two reasons. First, since I had a busy job and seldom got outside when the light was just right, I needed a way to work that would allow me to control the light, no matter what time of day it was. Second, my colleagues and students needed headshots. I quickly got hooked.

Since retiring from teaching, I have continued to work as a photographer. In addition to headshots and portraits, I have photographed arts festivals and conferences around the country. After a non-negotiable pause due to Covid, I am open once again for both studio and location shoots. I would enjoy working with you.


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